Hair loss is a common problem these days in both men and women, although it's normal to shed around 100 hair every day in both men and women, however due to stress, life style, pollution and other factors people are experiencing more than normal hair loss. We have identified this a very common problem, and though of getting a solution which is effective, pure, non-adulterated and can be used by anyone without any side effects. Viho hair oil is very gentle & light yet provides amazing results.

We made VIHO Hair Growth oil with some really powerful ingredients which are tried and tested for long time. Our USP is purity & honesty. We wanted to help the society by providing a product which they can rely upon, and the whole family can use it without any second thought. Most of the hair oil manufacturer use low grade oil to get more profit margins, however we are not here to make money, we just want to help the society to provide a pure and reliable solution to their problem.